Our little collector. #slothcat (at Chateau Shaman)

Cannot wait for the world to see this…Bron is painting SUCH a thing.


"There comes a point in the comments section of seemingly every post on any given site, regardless of topic, wherein someone eschews traditional language outright, opting instead for a GIF of, say, Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean Luc Pecard initiating a slow clap. Or two giraffes thrashing their necks back and forth with the caption PARTY HARD. A picture is worth a thousand words, sure; but a MOVING picture is worth a thousand MOVING words.

The GIF medium, as ubiquitous though it may be, is often downplayed by some as simply a sort of proverbial sandbox full of versatilely relevant pop culture references for dedicated Internet “trolls” to wallow in with squeamish glee. Trolls be damned, that sentiment is an exaggerated reaction to a thoroughly engaging and era-appropriate medium—the reliably unpredictable GIF.”

Click HERE to read my interview with Sarah Zucker and Brian Griffith (of LA-based design team The Current Sea) over at NailedMagazine.com

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The Current Sea gives us an insight on their work, “Stereoscopic GIF is one of our specialties, and we delight in the Retrofuturism of using a 150+ year old photographic process to make Digital Art.”

The secret life of plants is fascinating. #prismpipe #thecurrentsea #screamingclaws (at pehrspace)

The man from another place…the place is @prismpipe (at pehrspace)

@avantgardens_la back at @pehrspace for our #plant-y @prismpipe tonight. (at pehrspace)

12 days left to pre-order @catcanyonbook on #kickstarter: let’s make it be a thing!


This Really Happened. The Current Sea, 2013.

We are a #Jeopardy-winning #netart team. Find the episode (9/27/13) and watch @thesarahshow explode #Trebek’s brain when trying to explain what #thecurrentsea is.

Happy Vernday, Ferns! (at Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine)

This guy… (at Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine)

A glorious way to spend a glorious day! (at Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine)