One of my favorite #GIFs we’ve made at @thecurrentseala! #Cosmic!


Like our new #GIF webitorial? Check out our 1st, YOUARETHEPRISM.COM


YOUARETHECRYSTAL.COM || a new #GIF webitorial by @thecurrentseala


Check out Bron’s dino drag!

Can this be a challenge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race?


#3D GIF from YOUARETHECRYSTAL.COM || a new #GIF webitorial by @thecurrentseala

Do you think they meant for this to sound so sinister? Stealing kisses at Halloween parties? (at Amoeba Music)

Suggestive brussel wands and simpering slothcats. The first fall-ish morning in the new chateau kitchen. (at Chateau Shaman)

#tbt: the last time I went trick-or-treating, my friend Jeannette and I went as the guys from “A Night at the Roxbury,” and confused homeowners clocked us as “a pair of Michael Jacksons,” which is basically how I self-identify now.


YOUARETHECRYSTAL.COM || A new #GIF webitorial by @thecurrentseala.

After months of anticipation…we have a new tile floor in the chateau kitchen! And we decided to paint all the accents teal…manor+++💯💯💯 (at Chateau Shaman)

We just sure do love a #dragqueen here at @YoMeryl!


*Boy* do we love this lady! @JinkxMonsoon "Like water off a duck’s back"  

Art by Bron!


@prismpipe #RETROFUTURE tonight at @pehrspace! $5/all ages 8pm.

We’re showcasing a #GIF art collection with Brooklyn’s Pride & Joy, and sheisanimagemaker + thesarahshow will be making vidz for Visager and D/A/D respectively.

Yacht featured the show on their 5everydayblog app…tonight’s you’re chance to see what visual music is all about!


5everydayblog reccomends our #RETROFUTURE show tonight at pehrspace, 8pm/$5!

Setup in the studio today as the sunroom is a veritable oven. Prepping vidz for @prismpipe at @pehrspace tomorrow night…see you there! (at Chateau Shaman)

New kitchen floor in process at chateau shaman (finally!), so we took the opportunity to teal our teal manor teal. (at Chateau Shaman)