Check out this #GIF @yomeryl made for @brooklynmuseum!


Brooklyn Museum Gifograph #1. YoMeryl, 2014.

When @yomeryl, @brooklynmuseum, Jeff Goldblum & Ai Wei Wei collide!


Ai Weiwei: According to What? is closing on Sunday, August 10. Become a Member and enjoy private viewing hours on Saturday August 2 and 9 from 11am-12pm. Don’t miss Stacked an installation of 760 bicycles on our first floor!

Posted by Brooke Affleck


For the first time ever, YoMeryl is unleashing CLEVERGIRL paintings into the wild!

With this first series of small-scale original artworks, we aim to make art collection accessible to a new generation of net-savvy aesthetes. 

Only ten of these adorable 4x4” paintings are available, and those lucky enough to snag one will become inaugural members of THE CLEVERGIRL CLUB.

Each painting is numbered and signed by Bron, and will be shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity (as well as a little treat!). Free Shipping to USA, and low cost shipping worldwide!


Bron’s face in the second one, tho. (at Chateau Shaman)

Dorksided art wizard. (She is NOT a Christian!!!) (at Wizard Of Art)

Someone made this for me. I am so touched (and will be a two ton marguerite by next week). (at Chateau Shaman)

I have friends who give me chocolate pizzas in Andrew Christian bags. I have friends who understand me. (at Chateau Shaman)

"Multi-touch male gaze" @ryder_ripps @foryourart (at Million Dollar Theater)

#hashtag= a thing. #foryourart @foryourart. (at Million Dollar Theater)

Ooh girl…what’d you do? (at Farmacia Million Dollar)

A lot of things happening at once. (at Grand Central Market)


Dream of Hands. The Current Sea, 2014.

#psychedelic #GIF