Someone made this for me. I am so touched (and will be a two ton marguerite by next week). (at Chateau Shaman)

I have friends who give me chocolate pizzas in Andrew Christian bags. I have friends who understand me. (at Chateau Shaman)

"Multi-touch male gaze" @ryder_ripps @foryourart (at Million Dollar Theater)

#hashtag= a thing. #foryourart @foryourart. (at Million Dollar Theater)

Ooh girl…what’d you do? (at Farmacia Million Dollar)

A lot of things happening at once. (at Grand Central Market)


Dream of Hands. The Current Sea, 2014.

#psychedelic #GIF

Prior to the gobbling of much comfort food. (Home is a Jewish Deli) (at Canter’s Deli)

Fourth Grade was experimental. #tbt